Federal Government Shutdown Program

The credit union is ready to assist our members and the community who are affected by the government shutdown.

Call our Loan Department to review your options or email loans@greenbeltfcu.com.

Options include low rate loan special, loan payment deferral, refinance your vehicle from somewhere else for our low rate and defer payment for 60 days, special rate Visa credit card, and more.

We look forward to being of service to you.


Visa Credit Card Offer for limited time.

To assist our community members affected by the government shutdown, the credit union is offering a Visa credit card with intro rate 0% apr for 6 months, then your apr will be our current fixed rate 9.9% apr.

There are not annual fees or cash advance fees.  Call our loan officer for your application.

This offer is good until the end of January 2019. 


We have it - "Loans of any worthwhile purpose"

Get a credit union loan for consolidation, current expenses, or any worthwhile purpose.  Call our Loan Officer Nicole at 301-474-5900 to find the loan that fits your needs.